Jack and Jill

I chose to do a review on the movie “Jack and Jill”. The film stars Adam Sandler playing the role of a family guy, Jack Sadelstein, who prepares for the yearly holiday time visit from his twin sister, Jill, who Sandler also plays. Once his needy twin sister arrives for the visit, she ends up refusing to leave.

Jack and Jill coverFirst off, let me talk about Adam Sandler playing the role of Jill. That, I think, was a terrible idea on the scriptwriter’s part or whomever’s. It just ended up looking like Adam Sandler dressing up in drag. This makes it hard to get past the fact that its Adam Sandler dressed as a female and to see the Jill character’s real role. I was turned off from getting into the film as soon as Jill turned to reveal who she was. I think the production team could have done better by taking a real female and doing professional makeup on her to have her look like she could be Sandler’s twin sister. That way her voice could’ve had a true female sound instead of Sandler trying so hard to have a female sound and failing to the extent that it makes it hard to listen to. This isn’t the first film where Sandler altered his voice to sound different throughout the whole movie so some Sandler fans might not find it as annoying as I did.

Adam Sandler in "Jack and Jill"This film does have its fair share of “Sandler-isms” and funny moments but they don’t seem to advance the story or help the main plot in any way. It seems that they are added in to help in the comedic role since the main idea of Sandler, as both the male and female twin is a total flop. There are plenty of fart jokes and fat jokes throughout that tend to grow old and become unnecessary. Of course it wouldn’t be a true Sandler movie if his usual posse weren’t starring in it, like Peter Dante, Nick Swardson, and Allen Covert. The usual people you find in Adam Sandler’s films is what kept me watching because of the certain, good way they feed off each other and Sandler and the camaraderie between them. It is almost expected by me to see these actors in every one of his films and it makes it fun to see what role they play and how they play it. This of course has nothing to do with the actual storyline of Jack and Jill and that goes to show that the main storyline is pretty bland.

Adam Sandler didn’t earn his millions by not having a certain way about his comedic self that some people really enjoy. I think if you feel like you really must see this film, for whatever reason that may be, you should watch it with an open mind to Sandler playing the role of a female throughout, and watch it for what it is. It isn’t Sandler’s best comedic performance but typical Sandler quirks and jokes help the film along just enough to keep you watching. Take a look at the link below and see if the short description can get you to watch it for yourself.



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